Review mars 2023 : Ion Channels in the Development and Remodeling of the Aortic Valve

Christophe SimardMargaux AizeSébastien ChaigneHarlyne Mpweme BangandoRomain Guinamard


The role of ion channels is extensively described in the context of the electrical activity of excitable cells and in excitation-contraction coupling. They are, through this phenomenon, a key element for cardiac activity and its dysfunction. They also participate in cardiac morphological remodeling, in particular in situations of hypertrophy. Alongside this, a new field of exploration concerns the role of ion channels in valve development and remodeling. Cardiac valves are important components in the coordinated functioning of the heart by ensuring unidirectional circulation essential to the good efficiency of the cardiac pump. In this review, we will focus on the ion channels involved in both the development and/or the pathological remodeling of the aortic valve. Regarding valve development, mutations in genes encoding for several ion channels have been observed in patients suffering from malformation, including the bicuspid aortic valve. Ion channels were also reported to be involved in the morphological remodeling of the valve, characterized by the development of fibrosis and calcification of the leaflets leading to aortic stenosis. The final stage of aortic stenosis requires, until now, the replacement of the valve. Thus, understanding the role of ion channels in the progression of aortic stenosis is an essential step in designing new therapeutic approaches in order to avoid valve replacement.

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